Need new tires. What does everyone like and why?
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Thread: Need new tires. What does everyone like and why?

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    Need new tires. What does everyone like and why?

    The title said it all. Not trying to start a great debate over what is better. Currently running pilot 2's and like them, but thinking of maybe some dunlop Q3's. Nobody around here runs them and they all seem to love the new bridgestones. Not looking to be different, but just looking for some opinions. I don't ride in the wet and mileage isn't too much of a concern, as I'd rather have something that grips over one that doesn't, but lasts forever. Thanks in advance.

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    The current tyres from the major manufacturers (i.e. Dunlop ,Bridgestone ,Pirelli etc ) are better than they've ever been IMHO . Everybody (in my circle of competent rider friends) that I've talked to is fairly pleased with what they have on .
    That said I've just put a new Dunlop sportsmart 2 on the front (running sportsmart 1 on the rear) ,and my initial impressions of it are very good . Had a read of the write up on them after having it fitted and going for a couple of rides ,and I'd be happy enough to go along with what was said . They claim to be 7% lighter than the previous model too .
    The bike that is .

    1050 Speed Triple
    Wilbers rear shock ,Racetech Gold valves + Wilbers springs in the front end ,MIVV pipe ,Triumph bar end mirrors ,Triumph hugger ,Tidy tail ,FP Racing levers ,D'Ecosse Rec/Reg mod ,Crazymofo rad guard ,Oggy knobbs ,Triumph bug screen ,Ventura headlight protectors ,Upgraded alternator + more to come .

    The bike that was .

    FP levers ,Leo Vince cans ,Bitubo ,Suspension Tech valves ,Eibach springs ,Ohlins steering damper ,Barnett clutch springs ,K&N air filter ,flapper valve and associated shite removed ,Irridium plugs ,PC11 ,Loweys TRE ,Charging mod ,Jarkkos plus mod , DavCruz fan switch mod ,Six pots ,Braided lines ,Riflemans ccc ,The Ring Ins modded pressure plate ,dropped one tooth on the front sprocket ,Van drivers sprocket cover + front and rear resovoirs ,TLR engine breather/separator .

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    Metzeler Sportecs. But like Red says, almost anything from the big names these days is better than what your bike would have been wearing when it started life.
    Like my TL I'm old, overweight and badly maintained but I can still surprise you by how fast I can move.

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    's For me Mich Pilot Road II's in the winter, Dunlop SportSmart summer - the dunlops are quicker steering and are grippy and predictable, and pretty good in the wet. I run the Pilots in winter cos I'm tight, and they last longer, and you don't need that level of grip etc in the cold and wet

    I know you don't ride in the wet - I'm just giving the rational behind my choices. If I had to choose one tire it'd be the Dunlops every time
    Ride it like you stole it.

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    TLR 'Fighter:

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    I switched from pilot 2cts to q3 and I will be sticking with the q3s. Grip, feel, lean in and everything else i feel is second to none.

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    Bike came with Dunlop and ran them until I switch to Bridgestone in 05, I have the Bridgestone BT023 on all my bikes now, they are duel compound because here in Alberta where I live is pretty much flat not too much twisty, it usually takes a few hours to get to the mountain twisty and by that time they are warm enough to help with the corners, they last a long time and if I don't get to the twisty I usually have a flat spot on the tire and lots of meat left on the side which is a waste to me because you only getting half a tire use. To me they seem to last longer than the other tires out there.

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    Pilot Power 3 have had michelin on bike for 8 years now the new pilot power even more grip from cold and even after a hiding still look good, the 190/50/17 PP3 rear feels very good where the 2CT felt a little heavy at times went to a 180/55/17 2CT then back to a 190/50/17 2CT the new PP3 feels more like a 180/55 in turn in but does not have that mid tipping wiggle the 180s seem to have. So good put them on my Buell also. IMHO.

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    I use Diablo super coarsers . . Sticky as you'd ever want . . Very predictable ,and use a 190/55 to quicken up the steering . . Last ok . . Ans onky£ 120 for a perfect set of race scrubs .
    TL1000SV(97),tlr motor with 1040 bore kit,,radiused inlets,flowed heads,modded airbox with tlr bell mouths,k & n filter,,,57mm downpipes with matching one off cans, + and ground mods.pc3 with custom map,gsxr radial front end, ohlins rear shock,tlr swingarm,metzeler racetecs(rear 190/55/17)two teeth up on rear sprocket.

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