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Thread: chain destroying engine?

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    got my permit today, took it out. this is the first motorcycle i've ever ridden, took me no time at all to adjust, the balance, everything i love it. its back firing just a little bit when i'm off the gas, i'm assuming thats normal. how do i post pictures in my text??

    tomorrow im gonna get a charger for my camera so i can get some good pics of it, i cannot believe how pristine this bike is, the only cleaner is showroom, its absolutely mint.

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    Quote Originally Posted by acabftw View Post
    its back firing just a little bit when i'm off the gas,
    If it has a stock header with just bolt on cans.
    There will be a gasket in between the rear cylinder spigot pipe and header pipe. When this gasket fails it can cause backfires on deceleration.

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    Ok so I have a tl1000r motor in my yamaha rhino so what do u guys think is the absolute moat expensive chain on the market

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    I think this moat chain would cost several thousands.................

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    I think this probably.

    <deleted in case I get sued for defamation>

    Is only £20 to buy it but when it snaps, rips your foot off and trashes your engine casings its going to cost you a f*&%*$ing fortune.

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    I threw a chain once. I was on my old Katana 600. I deliberately bunny-hopped a speed bump and suddenly I had six gears of neutral. Once I figured out what had happened I went looking for the chain, but it was nowhere to be found. I was only doing about 6 mph, so if a chain can disappear at that speed, then I don't even want to think what it could do at 80 mph+

    Note: This was back when I was 20 years old, so fairly certain it was a junk chain that I never maintained.
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