wot no cert?
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Thread: wot no cert?

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    wot no cert?

    Ever thought about getting the site SSL-enabled? In this day and age its considered a fairly basic requirement.
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    sites all but stuffed.
    dont think the owners really care
    never hear from them.

    cheers stu

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    Also be great if they could create an image server for this site for us to upload and share images through. seeing as how Photobucket went tits up.
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    To question one, about the certificate: This has been being worked on for quite a while now. They're working to ensure that when they roll out the certificates across ALL of their sites, nothing gets broken. We should be seeing it rolled out relatively soon. I have no specific dates, but it is being tested on a few, smaller sites as I write this.

    Question 2, image uploads: We have that capability, and have for quite some time...going back even before the site was sold. In fact, we repeatedly asked that members affected by Photobucket instead upload their images directly to the site! This can be done either by using the "insert image" button at the top bar of the post box (near the right); or by using the "Go Advanced" button below and to the right of each post box, and then clicking on Manage Attachments below. Both will allow your images to be uploaded DIRECTLY TO OUR SERVERS. If there's a downside, it's that you can't use the same link to post on other sites, as Photobucket did.

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    @WERA689 explained this exactly right (thanks Neil!). SSL certification is in the works, but since we manage a bunch of sites, it takes time to make sure that we get it right and not break a bunch of things in the process. And yes, the ability to add photos has been there for a long time. We usually recommend that people use the 'Go Advanced' option for this though (rather than the 'Insert Image' option in the Quick Reply) since it's a little more reliable than the latter.

    As for the comment about the new owners not caring, I'm not sure why you'd think that. We do care and are trying our best to help maintain the site while not being too intrusive of a presence for the members. The admin team is pretty small and we manage a number of different sites, but we really do try our best to provide assistance when we are needed. The means to fix things are not always within our capabilities though, so sometimes issues need to be escalated to other teams, but I think it's safe to say that all of the teams in the company want the best for each of the forums that we manage. I hope that helps to clarify


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