Theres always one....
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Thread: Theres always one....

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    Theres always one....

    Last months Grampian Motorcycle Convention in Alford

    Anyone from here?

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    That was a good do. Nice sunny day as well. I was working near Aberdeen but squeezed the XT600 in the back of the van so I could ride to Alford. Got slightly lost in the backroads and met a couple of kids on 125's - lost as well. Had a confab with the map and I figured I'd taken a wrong exit in a village. They tagged along and we got there Ok. Great to meet Sammy Miller, what a guy ! The V8 Guzzi and the Sheene bike were amazing !Theres always one....-sept-ellon-alvie-adv-fyvie-059.jpgTheres always one....-sept-ellon-alvie-adv-fyvie-046.jpg

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