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    Headlight issue

    Hi y'all I have a 2001 TLR and I need some help. I have only 10 volts at the fuse box when the headlights are plugged in and the key on of course so all my lights are dim. As soon as I unplug both headlights is when I get 12.5 at the fuse box and all my lights are back to normal. Any help would be very helpful. Thanks

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    Have a look at the yellow gang connector leading to the left hand switch pod. The yellow white/wire often overheats and the terminal becomes resistive or burns. If it looks ok, also check the black gang connector leading to the right hand switch pod. There you're interested in the black/red wire and the yellow/white wire and associated terminals.

    If the black connector looks OK, proceed to the large white gang connector. Specifically, where the Orange wire and black/red wire interface. Make sure all of these terminals are clean and tight.

    The problem occurs because the headlight circuit draws too much current for the small wires that are used in the loom. Therefore, the wires and terminals heat up, oxidize, and eventually burn. The resulting extra resistance in the circuit then drops the voltage that would normally go to the target components.
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