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    Quote Originally Posted by Mikeblue View Post
    Weird how the fuel pump made it cut out so fast. When I had fuel problems with other bikes it coughed and splutterd before hand
    Mike, good find on that loose connection. It pays to poke around in the wiring harness, especially on these older bikes.
    As for the coughing and sputtering, fuel injected systems are not like the old carburetor systems. When the pump pressure stops, for whatever reason, be it an electrical disconnect or a dislodged fuel hose, fuel delivery stops instantly, and the engine stops running. At least, that has been my experience with EFI systems. Without some pressure behind it, next to nothing gets past the injectors - even with clean injectors and a good fuel filter.

    While you are in there, it would be good to verify the connection on the main loom ground where It bolts to the engine case just above the front sprocket. Also inspect and clean up any corroded connections in the gang connectors that Josh referred to earlier. Look for overheated terminals too.
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    how long have you had the bike?

    I know when I sold my red TLS with standard pipes and cans I had to re-program (Yoshbox) an ECU to work with standard stuff. That buyer then sold it to another with aftermarket Arrow bolt on cans and he brought it into me as it was running like a dog.
    I had to re-do the ECU programme for it to run properly with the aftermarket cans as it was conking out and backfiring..
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    Thanks for the feedback guys. I checked all connections last night and moved the harness around in various locations while the bike was running, all seems well at the moment.
    I bought the bike in September as a trade sale requiring a tidy up now complete. Fork seals, new back wheel, tyres, wheels powder coated, head bearings and a full respray with decals.
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