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    Quote Originally Posted by PQA View Post
    Very cool looking bike:
    They have their quirks and electrics can vary in configuration depending upon the global regions these were marketed into.
    I found this TLZone forum and 'Steves' web pages with links and posts to be most helpful in analysing which region my machine and wiring set up belonged too.

    In response to your comments around surging...
    Upon taking receipt of a second hand TLsw projject bike, I experienced the following:

    Having had to sort out a entirely unpredictable and nearly unrideable 98 TLsw, that suffered from violent ready or not surges and would 'cut out' given half a chance when in full flight while cornering. The biggest breakthrough was applying a TRE which cured those 'surges' out completely, then going through the whole wiring system looking for breaks and checking the connectors for corrosion, sensors for functionality, where I found the tip over/cutout switch dangling (snap: never a good sign). Then went onto replace the alternator and rectifier to insure premium power supply at all times. Interestingly converted all bulbs to a comparatively low draw (see and be seen) bright LEDs which provided the engine with so much more prime power at start-up. This meant I didn't need to implement 'lighting cut-out at ignition' mod. Oh and a new Katana high CCA battery helped. Also adjusted the suspension setup to suit this rider. (Olins rear shock was already in place). All this helped create the difference between day and night..... Without these adjustments this bike upon collection was a complete unpredictable surging ready or not, start/stop shocker. These simple interventions added up to a now entirely smooth, reliable, controllable performance of the right kind - all well worth the research, time and money, where the machine can without reservation be safely ridden to its full RR potential. Long live the sorted TLs -
    What is a TRE? And where is the Tip Over sensor located? I have violent surging as well. Took out the Power Commander change. Replaced the fuel pump and change. I ordered a Heal Tech Pro .... hopefully this will fix it.... But before I buy a new ECU and start changing out injectors maybe these surging problem is due to this tip sensor?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoshCampbell View Post
    Yeah 93 hp isn't too much of a retard, my unrestricted TL only made 107 hp. If you really want to feel a night/day difference drop a tooth on the drive sprocket.
    It may not seem it but if yours is a dyno'd figure at the wheel, then at the crank it was nearly 120 I would estimate. So the 93 figure is more than 20% lower. Not that it would be noticeable much in the real world but I wonder if the midrange tourque would be down a fair bit as that is what these engines are about
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