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Thread: Bornagain is a TLS lover

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    Quote Originally Posted by bornagain View Post
    It is registered as a 2000, but I haven't compared. But I might now.

    And yes Europe has many countries. PS: I already knew that.
    He just means that your signature of "Europe" is vague...

    Like if I said I live in the US...

    I think your tail section has been repainted, because it would normally have stickers.

    Either way, LOVELY bike...

    ... listen to Six5 ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by rxf610 View Post
    He just means that your signature of "Europe" is vague...
    Thanks for that, but I got his point.

    Interesting about the tail being painted. It's a very good match, if the whole bike wasn't repainted that is. I'll look up the original stickers would be the quickest way to see I suppose.

    When I first got the TL1000s, it seemed like she was trying to kill me everytime I rode her. Then I learned about her ways and things where better. But every now and then, when I least expect it, she reminds me that she is in fact trying to kill me..

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