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    Thanks for the Add . I have a 1999 TL1000R blue and white with under 3k miles on the clock ! i am the second owner , the last owner seem to have left it in the back of his garage most of its life and going through a bad divorce i coped for a lovely fine example with all the standard parts with it ...... hope to do some miles on this bute next year always wanted one , in 1998 i had a new fireblade my mate had the TL he used to whip my ass with throttle roll on acceleration on motorways lol ..... we went on a trip to spain and the only thing that the TL shit its pants on was the rear shock failing with all that heat !!
    glad i got one now in my collection ....................


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    Howdy and welcome.

    Let me be the first to point out that
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    Colonel Jeff Cooper, in "The Art of the Rifle"


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