She's on her way.
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Thread: She's on her way.

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    She's on her way.

    Hi all,

    I'm in Sydney, Australia, and have just purchased a 2001 TLR interstate.

    Blue and white, and in reasonably good condition from the photos 41000km.

    I have always been kind of fascinated by the odd shape of these beasts and as I am slowly building a bit of a collection, thought why not buy one.

    This will be the biggest machine I have ever owned.

    Currently I own 4 x Gsxr 750's and have owned 7 in total, amongst other bikes of course.

    Anyway just saying hi and will keep you informed when she shows up in a couple weeks..


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    Welcome Loachy. It sounds like you have quite a selection there.
    Blue and white ones are faster

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