I definitely feel your pain as I'm going through a similar situation with my 2001 Nissan Frontier at the moment. Paid $3500 for a reman swap and got an "overhaul" instead. First time they dropped it off I tried to drive it back to work and it broke down within the first ten miles. Cost $300 to have it towed back to my garage. That weekend I went over my newly "overhauled" engine. Other than a cheap aftermarket distributor, not a damn thing had been done to it. Same Pistons, rods, rod bearings, belts, etc.. In fact, the damn thing still had the original valve and intake gaskets that I put on prior to sending it to the shop (I always initial new parts I install out of habit). Long story short, I called for a refund, but he asked for the chance to make it right first, which I agreed to. He told me it was done and would be dropped off today, so we'll see. After learning that I'm not mechanically retarded, I'm hoping I scared him into installing a new factory motor, but I'm not holding my breath.

Most likely I'll just end up similarly eating the cost of this failed endeavor like you.