TLS lacking top end power after engine rebuild
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Thread: TLS lacking top end power after engine rebuild

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    TLS lacking top end power after engine rebuild

    G'day gents

    I've recently had my TLS fully rebuilt by a professional.

    Before the rebuild and the gearbox shitting itself the TLS was lacking power so I thought she was getting tired.

    But after installing the engine, besides more power down low and middle, she lacks that top end punch we all know they poccess.

    I've had the injectors tested, double checked compression which is also good. Fuel pump tested and if anything was producing more pressure
    than specs suggest.

    Throttle position sensor ok, air box filter clean.

    I'm absolutely stumped.

    Any ideas folks?

    She's done 70000kms and airbox mod only engine modifications


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    If I were to hazard a guess I'd be looking at the airbox mod. What did you have done to it?
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