Market place guidelines.
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    Market place guidelines.

    Market place guidelines.

    No Auctions are to be held in the Market place, name your price and see how it goes, you can always drop the price later on if necessary.

    Replies Reply to threads in the market place only if you are genuinely interested in the item or have legitimate questions. This will avoid unnecessary confusion and hard feelings.

    Trader Ratings Use the trader rating system that is in place. Use it fairly. If you were left a neutral or a negative and you deserved it, live with it. Do not retaliate with a similar rating simply because you got one. (i.e If someone pays immediately - ship ASAP or live with a negative, if they paid immediately with no hassle leave a positive.) If no money was exchanged and you missed out, there was no trading. If there was an exchange of goods or money - it was a trade.

    Disputes If you have a problem with some of the replies in your thread and you feel they don't meet the guidelines contact one of the marketplace moderators. The list is at the top of the forum.

    Buyer beware The TLZ marketplace is setup for your convenience only. TLZone does not even begin to proclaim this space as being a safe haven for buyer/seller transactions, and cannot be responsible for the inevitable disputes that will arise from its existence. You, and you alone can gauge the trustworthiness of the person you are dealing with in the big scary world of the internet. Good luck.

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