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    Quote Originally Posted by Llama96 View Post
    Figured it out my kick stand safety thing (idk)
    Put the kick stand up everything fine
    Can some one please describe what the is and
    A. How to fix it
    B. Or should I just un plug it
    If you unplug it you will be back where you were.

    I know you said your front wiring was a mess... Check your clutch safety switch wiring.

    If you want to "remove" the sidestand switch (as I have) you need to bridge the loom side to keep the circuit complete. Search a guy named CrashB here and find any post by him and look at his brilliant wiring diagrams in his signature to get an idea of how that circuit works. Ask if you have any questions.
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    Ok that eases the mind
    I purchased a new harness idk why but it fixed the problem
    One more thing front brake doesn't trigger brake light
    Now there is some wiring coming from the controls that dont plug into anything
    I didnt put them on there but it has new controls and Reservoirs I dont think they go to the bike but maybe a gsxr
    The plug in question is just 2 lol wires has constant power and ground going to the wires

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    In addition to rxf610's comment, there is also a nice simplified diagram of the starter interlock circuit on page 8-13 in the manual.

    You will notice that both the side stand switch (SSS) and gear position switch (GPS) are responsible for keeping the side stand relay (SSR) engaged. This relay controls power to the starting and ignition circuits. If the transmission was in neutral while you were testing for power, and power was restored once the kickstand was up, then that says there is something wrong with the GPS circuit that keeps the SSR engaged.

    Since the TLR's fuse box is part of the front Loom, and you noted that the front loom is in poor condition, the problem may reside there. However, the SSR is part of the 7-pin module that plugs into the fuse box, and it also contains the turn signal relay, and the Dual diodes which keep the SSS and the GPS isolated from each other electrically. The problem could be in the loom wiring to the fuse box, or the SSR module itself.
    Another possibility is that the GPS itself is not making a good connection to ground, but if the neutral light illuminates properly, that is likely not the problem.
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