99 Yellow TLR 17,000Klm whats it worth
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Thread: 99 Yellow TLR 17,000Klm whats it worth

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    99 Yellow TLR 17,000Klm whats it worth

    Hey all, I dont post much cause I haven't ridden for 7 years but curious what people think my TLR would be worth now, it has a genuine 16-17,000Klm on the clock, I broke my legs 7 years ago and the thing sat for way too long and got corrosion in the tank, I bought a tank repair kit and new complete fuel pump assembly to get her going again but its sat there for 2 years now as a gunna do project, thinking if I get something reasonable for it I would put it towards buying a lighter bike and getting back out on the roads again..
    like i said its got about 17,000 on the clock, clear clutch cover, quite a few custom bits and pieces and would need no work for roadworthy,, just the tank thing keeps getting put on the i will do it later pile
    any ideas would be appreciated

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    What would you pay for it?
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