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: Frequent TL Mods

  1. More Wiring Diagrams - Pared down
  2. Full Colour Wiring Diagrams
  3. TLR Velocity Stacks in TLS Airbox
  4. Repairing Broken Exhaust Studs/Bolts
  5. How to install a Bitubo rear shock in a TLS.
  6. Help with Stock Ohlins TLR Rear Spring Specs ?
  7. Fitting LED intrument cluster lights
  8. Race Wiring Loom Diagrams and keyless Ignition
  9. Hydraulic clutch conversion - HELP
  10. TL 1000R Mods Website
  11. K&N?
  12. Where can I find oversized pistons, rods etc for TLR?
  13. Tls cad files
  14. tls Crankshaft Rebuilding Connecting Rod
  15. Best bang per buck?
  16. Riddick's rebuild
  17. gsxr k1 clocks
  18. Slime for tyres and angled valves
  19. nitro x fuel commander for tl1000s are they the real deal?
  20. KTM Super Duke Mods Only Place to Put them and there are pics!
  21. 1st gear problem follow up to previous post.
  22. TLR clutch onto TLS
  23. looking for a good shop
  24. Tl 1000s Clocks
  25. smart TRE on 99 tl1000s any chance of any type of harm to engine?
  26. Alternative Radial Fork Chart
  27. TL1000R Mod Website
  28. TLS to TLR dyno results
  29. What PC to use?
  30. N2Wheelies Gap Mod Tray (step by step guide) for TLS
  31. ECU Remap!
  32. problems,again :D
  33. Problem when in 1st geat
  34. tls air box
  35. Good Mechanic / Shop near Nottingham
  36. Does anyone know of any good AIRBOX mods for the TL1000R
  37. SUZUKI TL1000R - TRE Mod
  38. TL1000R - Soft Rev Limiter Removal
  39. STM Sipper Clutch Adaptation (From GSXR750)
  40. Lithium Starting Battery
  41. Alloy subframe raiser: Tl1000r
  42. Alternative TLS Radiator
  43. TL1000S frame sliders complete dimensions
  44. Template for an R dash on an S
  45. Crappy Suzuki Wiring !
  46. Definitive Charging System Diagnostic & Upgrade Thread
  47. FYI brake line lengths
  48. GSXR TL Hayabusa Fork Swap Chart with Measurements
  49. Supplier for OEM Wiring Loom Connectors
  50. Clutch Switch Bypass Alert.
  51. Suter slipper clutch for the 97/98 TLS
  52. Improved Oil Separator for Elimination of Oil in Airbox
  53. Enabling the temp display when switching to a GSXR instrument
  54. Scaling Tach Signal for TLS to use TLR Instruments
  55. Simple starter relay fix
  56. Headlight Cut While Starting Mod
  57. How to Mod TLS Headlight with H4 Projector lights with Halo's and HID
  58. How to Convert TLR Crankcases to TLS Oil Cooler Configuration
  59. Turn Signal Mod Internal regulated flasher
  60. Slipper clutch for TL
  61. 07 GSXR Front End Retro to TLS
  62. Anonther TLR/GSXR Front end swap...
  63. Poor Man's Cables
  64. Shim the stock shock on TLR
  65. TLS / TLR Engine Breathers Explained
  66. SV1000 Radiator on a TLS
  67. A New Solution to TLS Tail Risers
  69. McKeown's Inline Fuel Filter Mod
  70. Charging System mod
  71. How to Adjust Your Squish.....
  73. Keying a TL/GSXR fuel cap lock
  74. $25 doller chromeish lip wheels
  75. Indicator mod schematic
  76. Top yoke Handlebar conversion ..Step by step
  77. Race Tech gold valve for Showa conversion
  78. Good pics of the scissor mod
  79. Heavy duty flasher install
  80. Why 97 S clutch covers leak, and how to fix them
  81. TLRDoug/DRZDoug's Fork Pictures and Instructions Back Up
  82. The definitive PAIR system removal guide
  83. Easy Stock Can Mod
  84. MakBox Instructions
  85. How To: Re-pack A Can.
  86. How To: Plastic Welding.
  87. How to derestrict a Japanese TLR - officially
  88. German TLS 100hp restriction - how to derestrict
  89. TLR Battery Box on a TLS
  90. Standard Steering Damper - Sex It Up!
  91. Showa Shock racetech gold valve
  92. Update to the Clutch Pushrod saga...
  93. Another sub $10 mod! Modding the sliders writeup
  94. Guide to the 97 TLS Thermostat problem
  96. How to change rear spring on a TLS.
  97. PEDRO'S GPI Install for TLR and TLS.
  98. Shift Light Manual Fan Mod Install
  99. Raptor PC2 on a TLS
  100. Plus mod pics
  101. Installing your super kewl Riflemanís 1/5 or 1/6 throttle insert.
  102. 1997 TLs Damper Bracket modification
  103. Quick and easy wheel balancing
  104. 5 to 6 Spring Clutch conversion (TLS)(NDUS)
  105. Frame Powdercoating...A Pictoral
  106. Bling'n yo Ride... a TLR undertail for dummies...
  107. Poor Mans Integrated Brake / Indicator Setup
  108. The definative hammer mechanic's fuel pump thread
  109. TLS / TLR Fault codes
  110. auto decompress removal
  111. TL1000r RACE MODS......
  112. Grounding & '+' Mod
  113. TLR Showa Shock Solution
  114. DG8 Gear indicator install...
  115. Made Yosh RS-3(street) bolt-ons in to (Race).
  116. Build your own Led Tail Light
  117. Clutch Part #
  118. Hydraulic to Cable clutch conversion part numbers
  119. Stock Canister to Yosh Race Header Adapters
  120. DOT3, DOT4, DOT5 or DOT5.1 ?
  121. Speedo Healer Installation Instructions
  122. Bitubo Intstall Information
  123. Want to paint your own bike?
  124. TLR and TLS fork differences
  125. Shock options for the R (breakdown)
  126. Part numbers for Cable clutch conversion
  127. Hydraulic to Cable conversion?
  128. The GAP - stock tray removal
  129. TLS Suspension options.
  130. popular demand.. TLS/TLR Swingarm
  131. Gsxr Gauge Conversion
  132. finally a crankcase breather that works or how to build an oil air seperator
  133. M4 full system install how-to w/pics
  134. Yellow Box Install
  135. Polishing your Frame and Swingarm!
  136. Please Read Before Posting Here
  137. ProTek Frame sliders for the TL"S"
  138. Suspension...Where to start (Jamies)
  139. Fan switch
  140. Split tailight wiring
  141. Airbox mods
  142. Slider installation