Best TRE mod out there...and its discounted!
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Thread: Best TRE mod out there...and its discounted!

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    Best TRE mod out there...and its discounted!



    I have been weary and confused about this whole TRE mod, so I did some recon...

    I got in contact with someone making these TRE's, but these are a bit different. Most TRE's require solder and wire cutting, which I am not about to do to a bike I am still paying on! Plus, I didnt want to be stuck with the mod if I didnt like it. Both of these problems are solved by a TRE from Checkered Flag Motorsports

    They make a pretty trick TRE that plugs directly into the existing wire harness. This allows you to get all the benefits of the TRE with no wire cutting, splicing, or soldering. Plus it is completely removable.

    The install took me about 20 minutes from start to finish. see pics

    The best part about this mod is riding the bike right after you install it....the throttle seemed to snap quicker and the bike felt torquier (is that a word?) First gear was sweet and second pulled harder.

    It gets sweeter, I talked to the guys at and they are nice enough to offer a discount to all site members..just provide your screename when ordering. They are letting them go for $25 delivered (intl orders may be a bit more due to shipping)

    PM me if you have any questions, but I am pretty stoked about this cheap, easy mod.

    for ordering, contact
    Scott Tallardy
    Phone 717-600-9377
    Screen name Cameltoehunter
    Paypal Address

    Ride On

    p.s. the also work on TL,TLR,BUSA,GIXXER so spread the word....

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    Ivan's tre

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    nice "sales pitch"
    She's been SOLD.... 2/2/08

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    well, I have gotten 2 TRE mods before and didnt install them because they looked like a 5 yr old made them, I was impressed so I thought I would share...thought maybe I would share a discount, but apparently this site has all the wealthy members that dont like discounts

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    It sounds like a major sales pitch rather than an incite full post... But... I'm not going to kill it yet.

    The TRE is nothing new, especially to TL owners who have tried them all. To say you have found the best one is a little subjective and naive to say the least.

    For instance...

    1. Can you guarantee that it won't affect idle and cold start ups? If so what can be done with your recommended TRE. Does it have a switch? Many do now for this reason.

    2. Can I select what gear it gets mapped to? Some companies offer mapping to 5th or 6th... And a switch.

    3. Is it semi-active and know when not to affect the neutral map?

    4. Is it programmable and can let the user determine what gears get mapped and what gear they get mapped to? As well as not effect the neutral map. In other words incorporate the above three items?

    As mentioned above it sounds like nothing more than an Ivan’s TRE which use to cost ~$70 many years ago but can be found new from retailers for the same price as mentioned above.

    BTW, I use a TRE as described in item 4. I would be willing to be so bold as to say it’s the best… but it now lies in the world of unobtainium.


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