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Thread: File vault?

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    File vault?

    Where did it go? I have been off the zone for awhile and everything has changed.

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    Hey there,

    Welcome back! Are the file vaults you're referring to within the link posted in this thread: file vault for pc111 maps ?

    I've also found this: The New TLZ File Vault - I'd recommend reaching out to crashtd for these if he doesn't already have them posted on his page.

    Let us know if that helps and/or if you need further assistance. Thanks!


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    It looks like the File Vault is gone, at least I can't find it. crashtd is also long gone, he was a former owner of this site.

    You can go to and check in the TL Resources tab where you will find at least some of the info that was in the file vault. Another good source of information is Steve's page,
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